The Different Types of Cannabinoids (CBD vs CBG vs Others)

There are well over one hundred identified cannabinoids found inside the hemp plant. However, if you are new to buying CBD, you may be wondering exactly how much, or even which CBD product you should use.

The first thing to understand is that different ailments call for different cannabinoids. And while many of the main ones on the market do treat something all together, other cannabinoids are scientifically supported to relieve something more than the other.

For example, CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and is more medically supported to suppress muscle spasms. We will review what each of the main cannabinoids found in Full Spectrum CBD do.

Remember that CBD isolates will have CBD and won’t benefit from the other cannabinoids. Full Spectrum CBD will benefit from the entourage effect and give support for many more ailments. Plenty of these cannabinoids listed can benefit more than what is listed.

Types of Cannabinoids and their effects


  • While higher doses can aid in sleep, that’s more attuned to CBG and CBN. CBD is responsible for suppressing muscle spasms, inhibiting cancer cell growth, and subduing nausea/vomiting.


  • More attuned for pain and inflammation


  • Studies show that CBG can decrease bacterial growth and aid sleep. Studies also show that CBG has certain neuroprotective properties in mice with Huntington’s disease.


  • Also known as the “cannabinoid stem cell,” as it turns into the aforementioned cannabinoids. Can reduce inflammation and relieve pain.


  • This is another building block for CBD, and Primarily aids inflammation.


  • Can help with sleep, bacterial growth, pain, and inflammation.

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