The Benefits Of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Selecting one of our many Full Spectrum products is definitely a sought aspect from CBD users. Here we will describe the difference between CBD Isolates, Full Spectrum CBD, and the benefits of each. If you’d like a quick overview of the different cannabinoids in Full Spectrum CBD, you can view them here.

Why is Full Spectrum so valuable?

In biological terms, we have what is known as the endocannabinoid system, a part of our immune system specifically designed to process and metabolize the 100+ cannabinoids.

There is also what’s called the “entourage effect,” which states that cannabinoids, when combined together, have a synergistic effect that can benefit in more ways than when alone. For example, studies show that when CBD (cannabidiol) is combined with CBG (cannabigerol), sleep disorders and complications are relieved in some ways. This means speed and efficiency comes from using the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Full Spectrum means that you can benefit from all of the cannabinoids and also have them all work together!

But what about CBD Isolates? What’s the point?

CBD Isolates do carry a substantial part for CBD users. While they aren’t necessarily preferred, CBD Isolates have some promising research with the controlling of seizures, subduing nausea, and more.

Not to say that CBD Isolates are more bound to these ailments, but they are certainly more situational. Even though it is a higher CBD count (usually) in its purest form, it’s missing out on a large process behind metabolism.

If you’re wanting to fix a specific ailment, we suggest following the link at the start which provides information on each cannabinoid.

Remember to ask your physician if you’re using other medications and if they think isolates or full spectrum is a better choice. We are not doctors and cannot recommend a dosage, nor do we say CBD can cure anything.

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