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Asa Botanicals (formerly Ma Oil) is becoming a big player in the CBD space because of its remarkable taste along with its very pure Full Spectrum formula. We decided to try out their products to see how effective they are, along with grading their Presentation, Reliability, Quality, and Value. At the end we will also say their pros and cons.

First off in Presentation, Asa Botanicals has a unique approach to its design. All of their CBD Oils are in a black vial with a black label except for their logo and description which are gradient and bold. They do this to protect the CBD from degrading from light, which increases the shelf life of their products. They include a lot of details to make sure that their product is seen as the best in the industry, and they do well in proving that.

Their reliability is backed by their presentation because it increases the longevity that the chemical compounds have in their vial. Another reason why Asa Botanicals’s reliability is fantastic is that they have decades of experience in the field and constantly work hard to make sure their formula is the best in the business. We have talked to the guys at Asa Botanicals and they have said that they have thrown out gallons of CBD before because “it wasn’t perfect.” The people at Asa Botanicals only want the best for their customers, and they continuously prove it.

In terms of quality, Asa Botanicals is unparalleled. Their CBD concentrate is upwards of 75% along with upwards of 5% of CBG and other cannabinoids. They source their industrial hemp from Colorado fields and work with experts that have decades of experience in the field. Along with professionals running the company, they are great people and love their customers. They provide excellent customer service and always try to go the extra step.

Lastly, their value. Their value is hands-down fantastic. We have not found a better company/product at the same price. They want to keep their prices down so that everyone can enjoy their pharmaceutical-grade CBD. It’s not the cheapest on the market, but it’s definitely the best you can get for the best price. So for that, we at CBD Bill will stick with Asa Botanicals for our own use.

Asa Botanicals supplies fantastic products at a great price, especially their CBD Oil.

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  • Excellent Taste
  • Great Value
  • Very Pure
  • Tremendous Customer Support
  • CBD Experts
  • 14 day returns
Asa Botanicals has been the best CBD Oil we have tried, including the companies that we haven’t officially wrote about yet.

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