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Once in a while, a product comes our way that absolutely changes the way we see CBD. For its ingenuity, cleverness and overall effectiveness, Life Bloom Organics has brought something truly special to the table. CBD Oral Spray, with two unique specializations for a specific ailment. We will be going over Reliability, Presentation, Quality, and Value.

What makes CBD Oil Spray so unique?

The reliability. These sprays are made for complete convenient use, but also has some special properties that will make you consider it over all other sprays. LBO uses a natural component called BioVia™ YM 10 which is a label-safe preservative used in many food products. This makes these sprays have a 2-year shelf life that allows them to be effective even after periods of not needing them.


Presentation wise, the box is fairly straightforward with plenty of information about the product. Their blooming logo is a nice entrance to what it’s offering. While both products are CBD isolates, the sleep formula contains natural sleep-inducing agents, such as melatonin, valerian root, and l-theanine to bring a calm and very welcomed sleep. This spray introduces all of these by eliminating any drowsiness after or before. Something typical with insomnia is that its episodes are a periodic (hopefully acute) hindrance. One should not have to worry about their product lessening in strength over time if their issue goes away for a while. That’s why the two-year shelf life is so beneficial for this product.

Next up, quality. What we found with CBD aimed towards sleep is that the speed is a factor that you can’t usually rely on, except for here. Testing out the natural sleep formula wasn’t something that took a few hours. In fact, we felt its sleepy effects in 15 minutes. The spray is applied under the tongue and has a pleasant peppermint taste to it, so holding it under the tongue wasn’t discomforting. However, swallowing the peppermint leaves a slight burn in the back of the throat, but it resided fairly quickly. Drowsiness wasn’t even a part of the equation, it felt so natural as to how the eyes gently grew heavier and heavier until entering a peaceful sleep.

For what this product says it can do, it goes beyond that. With just 2-4 sprays, my night was welcomed with uninterrupted sleep and a clear head when waking up.

The second product we want to review is the Wellness Formula. Aches, pains, irritation, anxiety, or just plain old natural unpleasantries – The Natural Wellness Formula aims to help us. This product works in the same fashion as the other. 2-4 sprays and the effects will show very quickly. Again, the speed at which it works is something that came as a surprise.

It’s really something special when you can rely on such a product to lift the weight off your shoulders so fast. Within an hour of trying the Wellness Formula, stress and tension simply dissipated. Within 15 minutes of the Sleep Formula, my mind was clear and ready to sleep. And in such quick fashion, this is a product we realized that deserves more attention.

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