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CBD for pain caused by golfing

CBD has the ability to help with pain that can come from golf.  A lot of people question how to use CBD. They want to know if you should ingest it, smoke it or put it on your skin  The answer to this question is you can do all three, especially when it comes to relieving pain. People also question whether CBD is like marijuana or not.  The answer to this is no, CBD is nothing like marijuana at all.

Pain caused by golfing can be a consistent issue that some have to deal with.  It can be ongoing, and it can be very severe or very mild. No matter what, CBD has the ability to help reduce the amount of pain that a person feels.  It also helps to relax your muscles because it blocks the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain.

CBD dulls endocannabinoid receptors

There are receptors in the body that are known as endocannabinoid receptors.  These receptors are responsible for receiving certain signals when issues occur with the body.  The high that comes from THC and marijuana is also absorbed and distributed through your body via these receptors.  CBD oil, which is derived from hemp but is not marijuana, has the ability to keep these receptors from absorbing as much as they normally would.  These receptors are highly responsible for absorbing pain and stress. It is because of these receptors that people feel fear and that people get nervous when they are high.  CBD has the ability to keep this from happening. It covers, or dulls, the receptors so that they do not absorb as much stress and anxiety. This can be extremely helpful for people with mild to severe stress issues in their muscles, primarily their back and feet.

CBD helps with pain by slowing the absorption of it

CBD can help with pain because these receptors are present in only brain and other tissues that involve brain reactions.  CBD can help in the regulation of various cerebral functions, including pain perception, mood, appetite, and memory. It is because these receptors are present where they are that a person feels pain.  Since CBD has the ability to dull these receptors it makes sense that it would also help to dull the pain that can be felt from these receptors.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory and can help with muscles stress

This mainly affects pain, but sometimes can help with stress in the muscles as well.  When you are feeling stress in your muscles you may feel a nagging or throbbing pain that is consistent, rather than a sharp pain.  This can cause your heart rate to go up and things in your body begin to contract, like your veins and arteries. This can create more pain through the body.  CBD has the ability to relieve inflammation which can help with muscle stress and the effects after it.

CBD helps with pain causing inflammation

CBD helps with inflammation which is why it really helps with pain problems.  90% of pain is actually caused by the swelling and inflammation around the areas that are in pain.  CBD has the ability to keep the body from swelling at pain sites or sites that have been injured while playing golf.  If you are a bit older but still very active on the golf course, taking CBD every day may help you to reduce the swelling in your body and joints that is causing you pain.  

CBD can be used topically for muscle pain

You can use CBD on the skin to help with pain directly at the site and this is because there are endocannabinoid receptors within the skin as well.  If you use CBD oil on a cut or a scrape not only will it help to stop the pain by dulling these receptors, but it will also help cleanse the wound and reduce the amount of inflammation there is.  

Take CBD as a preventative if you are an active golfer

CBD is a very wonderful substance that has the ability to do a lot of good when it comes to pain and muscle stress.  It can be taken internally, and it can also be used topically. It can be used before, during, or after and muscle has been stressed out or when pain is felt.  CBD keeps muscle stress and pain far at bay whenever it is taken daily as a preventative supplement.

This is not saying to jump at the opportunity to get yourself off of pharmaceutical medications, and definitely, do not start taking CBD in lieu of any doctor prescribed medication unless you are directed to do so by your doctor.  CBD is only considered an herbal supplement that is not approved by the FDA. It can be said that CBD has the ability to help muscle stress and pain, but it cannot be guaranteed. CBD may also not work exactly the same for every person.  It might affect someone who is already taking muscle relaxers or pain medication in an adverse way.

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