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CBD for Insomnia

A natural approach to help your Insomnia
How does CBD help Insomnia?

CBD helps you fall asleep and stay asleep by helping your body relax and ease your mind. It induces sleep without the drowsy feeling.

What kind of CBD products will help?

Almost all of our products help fight insomnia except our salves! We have one Oral Spray that is engineered specifically to help you combat insomnia!

Is CBD legal?

Yes! CBD is legal in almost all 50 states! Our Oral Spray is legal in all 50 states because it contains no THC

Do I need a prescription?

You do not need a prescription to order from us!

CBD and Sleep Conditions

It can help from problems of falling asleep or staying asleep, to problems with your circadian rhythm or anything sleep-related! From easing anxiety to helping with biological problems, CBD may be able to help you!

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Our products originate from Non-GMO, Non-pesticide, and organic hemp plants in Colorado



CBD and other cannabinoids in our products help the body relax and get rid of anxious thoughts at night



Our products are able to help you relax in as little as ~1 minute! Our Oral Spray is by far the fastest at helping you relax

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